Soul Space ‘Re-Ignite’ is an 8-week immersive and transformative program that focuses on Awakening the Mind, Nourishing the Body & Inspiring the Soul. The workshops and live immersive sessions are hosted by leading minds from the fields of Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Health and Wellbeing.

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In today’s world, we understand that life can busy and that the demands of work and life can lead to increased stress in our lives. We also understand that in this modern world of distraction that our health is being challenged like never before.

We know life can be challenging, but we also know the value of our health, and have seen only too often the devastation that can be caused when something goes wrong. This is why we have created this programme. We are truly passionate about helping you to become the best version of yourself and to enable you to gain control over your health so that you can live a life that is vibrant and meaningful to you.

We believe consistent and sustainable health and happiness is achieved when we develop and maintain vitality, resilience, self-belief, confidence, wellbeing of mind and body and strong communities based on humanity and human connection.

We are passionate about awakening a new era of honestly and simplicity in the modern understanding of wellness – we welcome you on this journey with us and are excited to meet you.

Objectives of this Programme:

✓You will have a greater understanding of overall wellness – an integrated approach of mind, body and spirit

✓Time – to slow time down and take time for ‘me’ and discover the power of presence

✓New awareness around your Lifestyle, Habits, Behaviours, Goals, Passions and Desires

✓Renewed Energy and increased Mental Clarity

✓A shift in attitude, belief and behaviour and let go of limiting beliefs

✓Feel empowered to take ownership and make positive changes

✓Create an optimistic view about your future and clarity about success in both personal and professional life

✓Have a deeper connection with yourself and understanding of how you show up in the world

✓Increase your Physical Fitness

✓Increase your Mental Fitness

✓Learn to Meditate and Breathe and experience the power of Yoga and Mindfulness

Venue: Soul Space Arena

Neptune Rowing Club Dublin. Situated in a calm, scenic setting on the banks of the River Liffey overlooking the park, this is the perfect destination to create space and time for yourself. (Address Chapelizod Rd, Phoenix Park, Dublin 8)

This Program Includes

16 live immersive integrated physical mind, body & soul sessions

2 per week – Every Monday and Thursday morning 6am – 7.30 am

These sessions will be a mix of mental and physical fitness, yoga, meditation and boxing. From mental techniques that have worked with Olympic teams, to lifestyle factors that have changed people’s lives. Within these sessions we will move energy through the body and learn how to create stillness and peace within our minds

Full day of Empowering and Immersive Workshops

focusing on Mental, Physical and Emotional Health and Performance

Online App

Home workouts, meditations, Yoga etc.

Final Workshop

Closing Ceremony Final Workshop



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