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Elevate Online Program

99,00 incl. 13.5% VAT

Soul Space Elevate will take you on a journey of self-exploration and discovery to enable you to elevate your own health, wellness and performance. This program consists of 9 modules connecting the mind, body and soul all hosted by Miriam Hussey. Each module consists of Online Videos, Ebooks, Notes / Practical Advice, tips and tools, Reflective Journaling Exercises and Guided Meditation & Visualisations.

Re-Awakening Your Best Self Webinar Series

99,00 incl. 13.5% VAT

These webinars are a series of empowering experiences hosted by Miriam and Gerry Hussey that focus on raising consciousness, awakening inner potential and inspiring greater health and performance in an integrative and holistic way by focusing on Mind, Body and Soul. This will be an amazing journey of self discovery to awaken you to your best and most authentic Self.