We are really delighted to announce that Gerry will run his final series of webinars for 2020. We are also very excited to announce that this series will be Gerry’s RISE program. In this program he will take people through a really exciting & innovative program that he has designed to help people reignite passion, spirit, imagination, inner resilience & creativity

As we approach the final phase of this year, we all need renewed energy, focus & imagination. We have no doubt that this RISE program will take all participants through four exceptionally powerful and informative workshops that will engage, empower and enable you to RISE mentally, physically and emotionally for the remainder of this year. In this you will realise that the best of you, and the best of 2020, is yet to come.

Modules Explored:

  • R – Reflecting, Reframing, Re-aligning.
  • I – Honouring the ‘I’, Igniting personal freedom & responsibility & creating a harmonious inner world.
  • S – Support systems – how do we build strong & transformative internal & external support systems that will help us sustain and maintain an awakened mind, ignited heart and clarity of focus?
  • E – Execute – How do we create a daily/weekly code that allows us to proactively manifest the life that we dream of?