Miriam and Gerry are passionate and inspiring speakers who excel in delivering engaging talks and bring to life science and experience in a really powerful way. They have years of experience delivering Key Note talks having spoken at events and seminars both nationally and internationally.

Miriam Kerins Hussey

Being a qualified pharmacist having spent over a decade working in the world of pharmacy, treating and experiencing first hand many of our modern world symptoms, sicknesses and diseases, Miriam has a profound understanding of the importance of integrated health and the real drivers of human Wellness and Performance. Her extensive qualifications in the area of Integrative Health and wellness, Pharmacy, Nutritional well-being, Spirituality, Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness allow Miriam speak with great authenticity and authority on the full spectrum of Human Health and Performance.

Miriam is an inspirational speaker who brings an unrivaled wealth of wisdom, knowledge and passion to her talks. She has a very calming and captivating presence and speaks with clarity and insight that awakens and inspires the audience.

Miriam was accredited the All – Star Business Award for Thought Leader in Human Health and Performance – showcasing her leading expertise in the area of Human Health and Performance.

Gerry Hussey

Gerry has been in the human health and performance Field for almost 20 years. 

He is a leading voice that is challenging us to rethink health and performance in a whole new way and his integrated approach is one of honesty, simplicity and authenticity.

In her talks he helps the audience strip away learned behaviours and thinking patterns and unclutter, clarify and overcome both internal and external obstacles and challenges, and ignite the best version of themselves from both a Mind, Body & Spirit perspective.

Gerry’s wealth of experience from being at the frontline of building the worlds leading sport and business teams and High Performing individuals enables him to deliver in a deeply moving, captivating and authentic way. He brings an unrivalled wealth of honesty, experience and infectious passion to his talks and he has the ability to awaken, unlock and connect people in a truly powerful manner.

“His presence is mesmerising and enchanting, his delivery is powerful beyond words, Gerry is the best we have ever seen” – Ciara



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